This project was brought to me by No Berlin in June 2021. This amazing Berlin-based musician was looking for an animated music video for their song Everybody Else, with very strong 90's rock influence and identity-discovery lyrics.
The Concept
The artist has given me full creative freedom to create a concept for the video, and it couldn't be a hard task, given that I now have their song on my "Spotify favorites" playlist. My creative process went smoothly, and after listening to the song a few times in a row, I had a very clear image of what could make a very unique visual representation for Everybody Else: lava lamps, shifting faces, and abstract animations.
My main idea for the video was to represent how we can shift into different versions of ourselves while still keeping our essence after it all. The song is about being "anybody else but yourself" and being able to "dream everything you wanna dream", and the "trippy" vibes of the video come from those places exactly.​​​​​​​
I thought of representing the confusion in the process to realize who you are and how you think others perceive you.
The Animation Process
Personally, I love to showcase my rough animations and to notice how the whole project unfolds before our eyes during the refining, coloring and retouching process. 
I find it quite satisfying to see where lines and shapes converge.
Finished Music Video
The final animation was feeling complete with its shadowing, background colors, and synchrony with the music. I simply enjoyed every minute of working on this project and was grateful for being trusted with such cool material to work with!
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