Panic! is an emo, punk and pop punk party from Santa Maria, Brazil. The event production, social media work and graphic pieces are made by me. My 2012 emo self should be proud. As the events bring back emo culture from early 2000’s, all visual communication and copywriting are inspired by how the period took place in Brazil. Alternative rock album covers, spike belts and eyeliner pretty much describe Panic! and it’s regulars.
Panic’s brand was thought to make reference to three main emo bands: My Chemical Romance, Panic! At The Disco and Fall Out Boy. Even the party is named after one of them. The color palette is plain and simple, as an emo kid would appreciate: black and white. “Rockers” is the club where Panic! happens since the beginning, so it’s incorporated into the brand as well. 
The visual identity is clean, showing classic album covers and sometimes horror movie characters (for halloween editions) along with Panic’s brand. Our written communication via social media mimics the way emos would communicate through orkut, tumblr and flickr with emoticons, unique expressions and exaggerations.

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